JIC elects new officers, board members

JIC elects new officers, board members The Board of Directors of the Jewelry Information Center elected the following slate of officers at its meeting on Monday, July 28:

· John Green of Lux, Bond & Green, West Hartford, Conn., chairman.
· Esther Fortunoff of Fortunoff, Westbury, N.Y., vice-chairman.
· Ross Markman of Suberi Brothers, New York City, treasurer.
· Lowell Kwiat of Kwiat Inc., New York, N.Y., secretary.

The JIC also welcomed the following new board members:

· Ryan Berg of Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, Baton Rouge, La.
· David Bouffard of Sterling Inc., Akron, Ohio
· Henry Dunay or Henry Dunay Inc., New York, N.Y.
· Charles Fieramosca of Zale Corp., Irving, Texas
· Richard Greenwood of A.F. Greenwood, New York, N.Y.
· Robert La Perla of La Perla Ltd., West Hartford, Conn.
· Raimie Weber of George Fillmore Goldsmiths, Canton, Conn.

Continuing on the JIC board are the following:

· Linda Buckley of Tiffany & Co., New York City
· Robert Filotei, New York City
· Myriam Gumuchian Schreiber of Gumuchian Fils, New York City
· Robert Nordt of John C. Nordt Co., Roanoke, Virg.
· Stacie Orloff of Corum USA, Madison, N.J.
· Mark Seelig of QVC, West Chester, Pa.
· Hank Siegal of Hamilton Jewelers, Lawrenceville, N.J.