Jewelry Styling Ideas from the Pages of a Non-Fashion Magazine

A stylish woman may obtain style inspiration from any number of sources. These may include her favorite retail stores, her personal fashion icons, her personal image consultant, and, of course, the media – not only fashion magazines such as Vogue, celebrity magazines such as People, fashion-focused television and the style section of her local newspaper, but likely also from some of the innumerable web sites and blogs dedicated to style. Fashion coverage is also included to some extent in many other genres of magazines, including those in the general category of women’s magazines. For the fashion-lover and the non-fashionista alike, the incidental fashion advice promulgated and illustrated by these magazines can serve as important sources of style inspiration.

For example, the November 2009 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine includes an article extolling the newest styles of down coats. The article illustrates how style can go hand-in-hand with practicality: “Highly insulating, long-lasting, and lightweight, a quality down coat is a worthy winter investment. Unlike puffers of the past, these chic toppers have an inflated sense of style-but not the bulk.”


To increase the style quotient of the down coats, BH&G utilizes chic accessories, such as a belt – “a clever way to rein in all the material” – and a tastefully chosen array of jewelry. Earrings on the ponytailed model are sporty styles – studs by Tacori or dangling hoops by Robert Lee Morris. A trio of bracelets by Chico’s accent the sleeve of a turtleneck sweater. A multi-strand necklace from Sequin and a double-wrapped extra-long necklace ABS by Allen Schwartz peek out from cinched and open coat stylings.


Particularly eye-catching is the use of a bright snowflake brooch by Talbot’s on the thick collar of a down coat: “Love a great brooch on your lapel? Try one strategically placed on your coat’s collar to glam up your outerwear.”


The model is lovely, the stylings chic and memorable. Will these photos inspire the magazine’s readers to wear and enjoy jewelry? Without a doubt.

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