Jewelry store owner beaten with hammer during robbery

Police in Harrisburg, Pa., said two men robbed a jewelry store owner and beat her on the head with a hammer Wednesday in the Uptown Plaza, Lancaster-based reported.

Surveillance cameras caught it all on tape, the television station’s Web site reported.

Police told the station that the bandits took Yon Suk Sa into the back of the store, hit her on the head with a hammer and bound her with duct tape.

“They hit me,” she reportedly said. “I was so scared. If I saw the gun I think I pass out.”

But she didn’t pass out, the station reports. The videotape reportedly showed one of the men dragging her into a back room, shoving her onto the floor, holding a gun to her head.

And what did the gunman say to Sa at that point?

“‘I gonna kill you,'” she reportedly said. “I say, ‘Don’t kill me. I’m a nice lady. I give you money. I give you cash.'”

Sa reportedly said the man gagged her with duct tape, while his partner robbed the store.

But when the man reportedly tried to tie Sa’s hands, she fought back, trying to hit him with a golf club. Moments later, an unsuspecting customer walked into the store. Sa reportedly said she heard the doorbell and started yelling for help.

That’s when the man holding her at gunpoint hit her on the head with a hammer, running from the store with his partner, the station reported. Running right behind them was Sa, bleeding from the head, swinging a golf club at her attackers.

Police reportedly said the robbers cleared more than $40,000 worth of jewelry and other items from the display cases at Canal Jewelry.

The two men were not wearing masks or gloves, so they left behind plenty of fingerprints.

“They didn’t use the firearm, but they beat her up pretty bad. It shows in the tape that they came over and worked her over pretty good. You can hear the assault going on in the back room,” Harrisburg Police Chief Charles Kellar reportedly said.

Sa was treated and discharged from Harrisburg Hospital. She says she’s not bitter or afraid to go back into her store again.

“I try to forget about it,” she reportedly said. “I’m not angry or anything. I feel sorry for them.”

Harrisburg police ask anyone with information to call them at (717) 255-3131.