Jewelry Savvy Workshops

Image consultant/jewelry designer Cynthia A. Sliwa, AICI CIP, a resident of Hermosa Beach, co-author of Jewelry Savvy: What Every Jewelry Wearer Should Know, and JCK Web site blogger is holding a series of “Jewelry Savvy” workshops.

“What every woman needs to appreciate is that she is essentially a work of art. Jewelry can and should be chosen to adorn and flatter her unique face, features and personality,” said Sliwa, who attributes her focus on the individual to her training in image consulting.

Among the topics to be covered: Why are earrings the most important jewelry to wear? How does one determine the optimal necklace length? How can jewelry be used to emphasize one’s best features and distract from others? At Sliwa’s classes, attendees learn to train their eye by studying photographs of celebrities and other individuals wearing jewelry well or not so well, assessing their own features and personality styles, and having the hands-on experience of trying on a range of designs.

“My ultimate goal is to help each attendee sort through her jewelry box, learn what flatters her, and develop a jewelry wardrobe that works for her,” Sliwa says. “I expect every attendee will learn immediately useable ideas about jewelry and also will achieve a better understanding of how best to adorn own unique beauty.” 

Sliwa’s classes are held on alternate Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Eliopulos Jewelers, 24536 Hawthorne Boulevard (in Hillside Village), Torrance, Calif.; phone (310) 791-3999.  Upcoming classes include:

March 5, The Perfect Earrings ~ The Perfect Necklaces ~ Seeing the Art in Your Face and Features

March 19, Bracelets, Brooches & Rings ~ Developing a Jewelry Wardrobe

April 2, Caring for Your Precious Baubles ~ Trend Watching ~ Choosing a Signature Style

For more information about the workshops or to enroll in a class, contact Sliwa at (310) 374-3141 or e-mail If you wish to order a copy of her book, visit