Jewelry Sales Expected to Rise This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day jewelry sales are expected to increase 11.3 percent from
February 2010, according to research firm IBISWorld.
IBISWorld forecasts consumer spending for Valentine’s Day purchases will increase
5.8 percent over 2010, totaling $18.6 billion or about $125 per person.
“Luxury spending is already on the rise, so it will come as no surprise that
bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings will be the go-to gift choice for
many Americans,” IBISWorld retail industry analyst Nikoleta Panteva said in a
statement. “This year, IBISWorld expect jewelry to make up 7.8 percent of all
Valentine’s Day sales, making its way back to pre-recessionary levels.”
Dining out and romantic getaways along with sales of candy, greeting cards,
flowers, clothing, and lingerie are also expected to increase this year.