Jewelry Recessionistas

The term recessionista was first documented during the recession back in 1993 and it is relevant to many of today’s fashion, accessory and jewelry customers. Recessionista is an etymological approach that blends together two concepts: recession and fashionistas. This is an important concept to jewelry marketers because it represents how fashion oriented consumers are balancing their budgets and their need to dress trendy and cultured. These consumers are budget oriented and are looking for less expensive versions of items they desire.
Fashion, accessories and jewelry that help recessionistas relate to their individuality are highly valued by recessionistas. Why not plan a sale targeting recessionistas by offering products that are highly fashion oriented and priced to motivate tightly budgeted consumers? Position your recessionista promotion by helping customers learn how to better use the jewelry in their current jewelry wardrobe. What additional jewelry item might you suggest that could help a customer find new ways to mix and match the jewelry they already own? Consider how educating customers to better coordinate the jewelry they already own is smart business and shows you are authentically interested in helping your customers.
Recessionistas are a reflection of the ongoing recession that has influenced many consumers to tighten their budgets and search out product offerings that promise the most value. These consumers still have the same desires as before the recession, but now they are willing to settle for scaled down substitutes. Keep your winning designs, but make sure they are executed with a quality standard that will generate a sale price that fits the price range of recessionistas.

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