Jewelry for Men

by Caroline Stanley

I’ve seen two men wearing outstanding jewelry lately and it made me very happy. Since I live in the LA area, maybe I am a bit more likely to see men wearing jewelry than those who live elsewhere, I am not sure.
I was at a swanky party at a restored Art & Crafts home a few weeks ago, the invitation courtesy of an industry friend (thank you Lisa!). One of the gentleman guests had on a great pin, interestingly shaped and show-y. Of course, I commented on it. He beamed, generally always someone compliments him on that pin when he wears it, he said. His profession? A costume designer. Not quite in the jewelry industry, but close.
The other gentleman was the significant other of a jewelry designer. We’d met and dined before, but I’d never seen him wearing one of Claudia’s designs. Simple rubber necklace with a great pendant. The look worked well for him.
I wish there had been more. Yes, lots of basic rings and the like on the men present, but these two stood out in their jewelry choices. I would like to see more men in jewelry – even those not in our industry or related ones!
Today’s Jewel
Do you carry a selection of jewelry for men? Are there a few, non-traditional interesting piece in the mix? Want to sell more? WEAR more!