Jewelry Finds at the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show

Greetings from Sin City! Team Fashion, which includes Carrie Soucy, Laura Finkelstein, and me, has been conducting photo shoots, attending evening events, and looking at lots of pretty jewelry this week. Happily, I now have a moment to myself to share some of my nifty show finds with you. Enjoy!

Great Values

Chad Allison Couture, Prestige Promenade 53. Stack rings made of 18k gold feature colored stones such as iolite and blue topaz. The color combinations are sharp looking, and the rings offer an ample look on the hand for a modest sum. Suggested retail prices start at $800.

Peter Storm Designs, Prestige Promenade 41
. Diamond fashion rings made of 18k gold feature negative space and an elegant feminine style that shows up nicely when worn. The look is a great value for pieces that start at $1,000.

Unusual Finds

Mazza Co., Prestige Promenade 26.
Rare deep, Caribbean-sea blue labradorite pieces can be found at the Mazza booth. The color is natural, availability of material is limited, and, the color is a sharp contrast from the milky grey material that¡¦s commonly seen.

Melissa Joy Manning,
Design Center 19152. Electric blue Cavansite is a natural color material born from white feldspar matrix found in Poona, India. Manning sets choice chunks into pendants (shown), earrings, and necklaces. Bill Gangi at booth 34102 in the American Gem Trade Association pavilion is a supplier.

Cool Designs

Moritz Glik for Fragments,
Design Center 18145. Pendant necklaces feature diamond melee that¡¦s encased under white sapphire and is set into coconut shell. Rings of a similar style¡Xminus the coconut¡Xare set into 18k gold.

Stefan Hafner, Prestige Promenade 35.
Snail rings are part of the Oceana collection. The pieces feature rough and polished diamonds set side by side in 18k gold.