The Jewelry District: Bonus Episode

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In this bonus episode, you’ll hear JCK editor-in-chief Victoria Gomelsky and news director Rob Bates share in some preshow excitement for JCK Las Vegas 2019 with Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president of Reed Jewelry Group.

Yancy recounts how she got her start in the jewelry business, her memories from her first JCK Las Vegas show, and how much it has grown since. The team recalls what was so wonderful about the old Sands and teases what’s new, improved, and exciting for this year’s show.

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Show Notes

01:00 Yancy explains how she got her start at Reed and in the jewelry industry at large.
02:48 Yancy talks about the first JCK show she attended and what she loves about the trade show business.
06:25 Yancy and Victoria discuss details about the show when it was at the old Sands.
07:30 Yancy walks through the decision to move to Mandalay Bay from the Sands and back again.
11:03 Victoria and Yancy talk about the Sunday night party at Tao and new restaurants.
14:05 Yancy offers her top tips to be prepared during the busy show experience.
15:25 Rob asks Yancy about what’s new and different this year.
17:20 Rob and Yancy discuss Baselworld and the future of trade shows.
19:00 Rob inquires about consumer and influencer interest in the JCK show.
21:40 Yancy shares her favorite JCK show memories.

Episode Credits

Hosts: Rob Bates and Victoria Gomelsky
Guest: Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president, Reed Jewelry Group
Engineer and editor: Levi Sharpe
Producer: Natalie Chomet
Plugs:, @jckmagazine,

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