Jewelry Concierge, E-Tailer Style

Mobile commerce may be perceived as a higher level of service to some men and women. Jewelry marketers often target professionals for jewelry sales. These are the folks who often find it difficult to take time to shop for gifts. Consider how these consumers may find mobile commerce activity to be just the right level of service. Jewelry retailers should now be considering how they might ramp up their mobile commerce capabilities to meet the growing consumer demands and expectations of busy professionals. How might the busiest professionals respond to jewelry marketing messages delivered through m-commerce and smartphones?

Progressive jewelry marketers are now figuring out how to integrate their marketing to address a new frontier of jewelry marketing: mobile shopping. Younger professionals are again the early adopters of this technology, but soon mobile marketing might just lead the way through smartphones. By the way—is your store on Facebook? Social networking is another new marketing media for jewelry marketers.

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