We’ve Got Spirit! Jewelry for College Football Fans

While everyone else has been bemoaning the end of summer, I’ve been counting down the days. In my family, Labor Day weekend means only one thing: college football season. The most wonderful time of the year—no matter what the Christmas carol says.

I plan my every Saturday, from now until after Thanksgiving, around University of Michigan football. It’s an event. I have rituals, I have T-shirts and sweatshirts…but one thing I don’t have? Some really sparkly accessories. I’m not talking about logo jewelry; there’s plenty of good collegiate stuff on the market (these Timex watches, for instance). But I’ve never thought to buy myself any fine jewelry in my college colors—even though I’ve been eyeing this maize-and-blue Eden Presley ring, pictured at top, for a while now. So to mark the official kickoff of college football season, I’ve rounded up color-coordinated jewelry from 10 universities for my fellow fans.

If I left out your school, I’m sorry! Unless it’s Ohio State, Michigan State, or Notre Dame, and then—sorry not sorry!


University of Michigan

Shinola runwell blue dial

Runwell 47 mm watch with stainless steel case and leather strap, $575; Shinola

The Detroit-based Shinola doesn’t explicitly call this a University of Michigan watch, but whoever wrote the description had U of M on the brain, teasing its “collegiate blue” dial and “maize details.” The first thing you see below the photo? “Go Blue.” Shinola knows what’s up. (There’s also a green-and-white face option, for those who went to that other Michigan school.)


University of Wisconsin

David Yurman red ombre chain

DY Bel Aire red ombré stainless steel chain with 14k gold accents, $575David Yurman

The campus that introduced me to fried cheese curds will always hold a special place in my heart.


Northwestern University

Arya Esha lava sophia amethyst ring

Lava Sophia ring with amethyst and diamonds in 14k blackened white gold, $1,460Arya Esha

Fun fact: Last fall, Wildcat student athletes finished the semester with a record-high 3.31 GPA. The football team’s was 3.16. You have to respect a school like that. Also, Arya Esha designer Priyanka Murthy went to NW!



Brent Neale flower stud earrings

Extra-small 18k gold Flower stud earring in citrine with diamonds, $1,180, small 18k gold Wildflower stud earring in lapis with diamonds, $850Brent Neale

One of my closest friends went to Auburn, so when I watch SEC football, I always root for the Tigers. War Eagle!


Clemson University

Sarah Hendler gemstone enamel rings

18k yellow gold emerald-cut stone rings with mystic topaz and coral enamel and with amethyst and violet enamel, $3,465 each; Sarah Hendler

Purple and orange is one of those color combos that looks obnoxious on the football field, but supercool in jewelry. (Side note: There’s a lot of orange in college football, isn’t there?)


Florida State University

Eden Presley mismatch stud earrings

Black onyx diamond stone arrow single stud, $360, garnet rectangle diamond trio single stud, $488Eden Presley

The dark red in FSU’s official color palette is actually called Garnet. If that’s not a cry for jewelry, Seminoles, I don’t know what is.


University of Miami

Mason Kay jade necklace

Designer Jade collection 14k yellow gold chain with honey-red gourd pendants and apple-green teardrops with diamond tops, $4,165Mason-Kay

In case the Turnover Chain isn’t your style (hey, that heavy gold Cuban link isn’t for everyone), we’ve got a lighter alternative for all you Hurricanes. Bonus: You don’t have to hand it over every time a Miami defender snatches the ball away from the opponent.



Bounkit citrine bracelet and studs

Gold-plated brass 7 mm round citrine studs$59, faceted square carnelian cuff$430Bounkit

Shout-out to senior editor Emili Vesilind and anyone else who cheers for ’Cuse. Let’s hope the Orange crush it this year!


North Carolina Central University

Konstantino garnet cufflinks

Sterling silver and garnet cufflinks, $370Konstantino

This one’s for my very sharp-dressed friend Lance. I know he’ll be pulling for my Wolverines on Saturday night, and on Sunday I’ll be cheering for his Eagles.


University of Connecticut

My Story sapphire rings

Olive and Ida rings in 14k white gold with sapphire baguettes and diamonds, $740–$1,330My Story Fine Jewelry

As a good friend of mine likes to joke of her alma mater, “UConn has a football team?” True, the Huskies aren’t exactly heralded for their football prowess (they went 3–9 last year). But it’s never too early to start accessorizing for women’s basketball season!


Top: 1-leaf open finger ring with tanzanite and yellow sapphires in 14k yellow gold, $1,280Eden Presley