Jewelry Club House’s B2C Web site launched, the B2C shopping site of Jewelry Club House, was soft launched during the last week of November. is designed not to compete with Jewelry Club House merchant members on price points but is a critical component of the strategy of driving foot traffic to member stores based on ZIP codes, the company said in a statement on Friday.

This limited soft launched was done simultaneously with 60 second radio spots, mass emails, Google key words, and other marketing efforts.

The full launched is scheduled for mid-February, 2006.

Jewelry Club House was established to create a business model designed to bring consumers, independent retailers, and manufactures together online, the company said. The goal is to create the world’s largest independent jewelry chain online where retailers and consumers will have the confidence and comfort of shopping online.

The B2B Jewelry Club House Web site was established in 2003 and has grown to more than 1,000 retail merchant members. 

Presently, standard memberships are available with no fees. Member privileges include access to thousands of real time inventory via the internet, part of a nationwide network of Local Service Providers, and be a Macc Authorized Dealer. 

VIP memberships are available with minimal fees of $88 per month or $880 per year. These memberships include benefits, such as participation in a points reward program memo program and priority on new Macc products.

Also, every member has the opportunity of being a part owner of the growing jewelry company through a stock option investment program, where members share in the profits of consumer sales.