Jewelry Brands Need to Add More Perceived Value

Jewelry companies should take notice of the one of the top ten fashion stories of 2008; the return of the supermodel. According to Time magazine, for over ten years many fashion lines have preferred the use of less known models to carry their brands down runways and across the pages of their advertisements. However, today’s top fashion design lines are now responding to the consumer’s fixation on garnering more value from their purchases. Top fashion brands are adding value by leveraging the certain beauty of today’s best known models. Brands like Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Stefano Pilati are stepping up their promotional messaging to consumers with some of the most well financed advertising campaigns of all time. Luxury fashion brands are counting on the well identified beauty of famous models such as Claudia in Chanel, Linda in Prada, Christy in Escada, and Naomi in YSL. Jewelry brands should understand that finding new ways to increase the perceived value of their brand is exactly the right course of action during these value conscious economic times.