Jewelry Blog Daily: Julianne Moore’s Racy Ads For Bulgari

1. Julianne Moore Loses Inhibitions (And Apparel) For Bulgari Ads.


JCK Trendz photography circa 2005, shot by Jack Deutsch

JCK Trendz circa Spring 2005

2. TAG Heuer Drops Tiger Woods

3. Study Says: Don’t Drink Gold

4. Pink Panther Jewel Thieves Sentenced

5. Palladium’s Rally

6. Bulgari’s Stock Options

7. Unexpected Treasure Found In Broomfield Salvation Army Kettle

8. Australian Jeweler Makes $$$ Adult Novelties (click here for pics)
Vintage Jewelry from

Portero Luxury, an online vendor of high-end, pre-owned, and authenticated luxury goods (including fine jewelry) recently launched a Vintage category in an effort to strengthen its position as a source for rare luxury goods. The collection–which includes items like Rolex watches and Chanel bags–is consistently updated through ongoing acquisitions and sales with consumers, and showcase hundreds of pieces of merchandise. To celebrate the launch, Portero Luxury has partnered with FabSugar and PurseBlog to sponsor a giveaway of a highly coveted (pre-owned) handbag: a black leather 30 cm. Hermes Birkin.

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