Jewelry Blog Daily: Jeweler’s Pray for Snow Promotion, Gift Boxes of Free Jewelry

1. Goldsmith Co. Jewelers Announces Pray For Snow Promotion

2. Gem Of An Idea From Jeweler
3. New Reality TV Show: Launch My Line

4. Companies Pledge to Avoid ‘Dirty’ Gold

5. Black Diamonds for Discerning Shoppers

6. ‘Jewelry-boost’ P.R. Gal Gets Grand News

7. And for fun–Cats for Gold–courtesy of @JewelryInsider

TOUS Signature Collection TOUS Petal Collection

TOUS Fleur CollectionTOUS Crochet Collection TOUS Dinah Collection

TOUS’ Spring/Summer 2010 collections were recently unveiled in New York. New looks include the Signature Jewelry collection of stones in an organic-looking state; the Petal collection of flower-motif jewelry in vermeil; the Fleur collection of freshwater pearl strands featuring pink and blue opal accents; the Crochet collection of sterling designs crafted to look like the pattern in Grandma’s afghan; and the vertically inspiring Dinah collection of quartz, fluorite, and amethyst in 18k gold.

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