Jewelry at the 2009 Academy Awards – Part 2: Necklaces & More

My last post focused on earrings at this year’s Oscars, both the noteworthy and the numerous cases of unexpected restraint. But of course, at this most glamorous of red carpet events, there was so much more.


As with earrings, necklaces fell into two categories. Some necklaces took an understated approach to design although incorporating magnificent gemstones; others were elaborate designs perfect for Hollywood’s big night.


It’s hard to envision a more elegant understated style than the extraordinary riviere necklace of graduated diamonds by Chopard encircling Penelope Cruz’s neck and worn with substantial stud earrings (pictured in my most recent blog posting).



Marion Cotillard’s double strand necklace of sapphires set in dark metal by Chopard was a less formal style worn with unadorned earlobes and a spectacular gown of midnight blue. This necklace has an inherent versatility in its understated design.


At the other end of the spectrum from Chopard, were several vintage or antique offerings from Fred Leighton.


Amy Adams dazzled in a vintage Fred Leighton bib-style necklace of emeralds, rubies and sapphires with diamonds reminiscent, perhaps, of something the Duchess of Windsor might have worn. Why this necklace worked especially well on Adams is due to her red hair and green eyes. I was disappointed, however, that her earlobes carried the tiniest of diamond stud earrings, rather than larger gemstones of a scale to equal any of the more vividly hued stones in the necklace. 



The 19th Century diamond necklace by Fred Leighton adorning the neck of Taraji P. Henson was an exceptional choice, a lacey princess necklace of diamonds with five floral drops. It was accompanied by diamond drop earrings not visible in most photos. Amanda Seyfried’s version of the multi-drop necklace, also by Fred Leighton, was less elaborate and slightly less formal but also beautiful, accompanied by sizable diamond stud earrings.



Bracelets and rings abounded, of course, with too many gorgeous designs to mention of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Also, once again, brooches added dazzle to winning looks. Sheer perfection was Viola Davis’s mid-Century Fred Leighton diamond brooch pinned at her décolletage. The fan-like design of the brooch was the perfect complement to the Grecian folds of her gown.


Anne Hathaway and Nicole Kidman wore diamond brooches pinned into their hair; Natalie Portman wore diamond hairpins and combs. It’s a pity that the cameras can’t focus on all the wonderful little extra touches of glam that must have made the stars shine even brighter close-up.

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