Jewelry and Watch e-Commerce Sales Up 26%

Online jewelry and watch sales increased 26 percent in October, year-over-year, according to comScore, Inc. Total e-commerce spending (not including travel) rose 19 percent to nearly $10 billion for the month, year-over-year.

When including travel, e-commerce spending for the month rose 14 percent to nearly $16.5 million.

The October growth rate marked a slight decline from the growth rates observed earlier in the year, said the Reston, Va.-based company, which measures digital data. Retail e-commerce sales year-to-date through September grew at approximately 21 percent, meaning that the 19-percent growth in October represented a slightly softer-than-average month.

“October e-commerce activity often gives us a glimpse of what to expect during the holiday season,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. “That online sales growth rates diminished slightly in October is not entirely unexpected, as many consumers are feeling the pinch of ballooning mortgages and gas prices, coupled with a decline in housing values. Even the rapidly growing online commerce sector appears to not be immune from these economic realities.”

Jewelry and watches saw the fifth largest percentage increase in online sales out of the categories rated by the company.

The top four categories are as follows:

* Video Games, Consoles & Accessories, 264%;
* Furniture, Appliances & Equipment, 105%;
* Computer Software (Excl. PC Games), 76%;
* Event Tickets, 43%

“Soft online apparel sales in October mirror reports of declining same-store sales figures in retail apparel, as unseasonably warm weather across many part of the country appeared to dampen consumer demand,” Fulgoni said. “Excluding apparel from our analysis, online retail sales actually grew at a healthier 22-percent rate. Assuming that apparel sales rebound during November and December, this suggests that 2007 may well see another merry Christmas for online retailers.”