Jewelers to expand their advertising this holiday season

More than one third of the jewelers surveyed by the Jewelry Information Center said they are somewhat or very likely to expand their advertising channels this holiday season.

“It is reassuring to see jewelers putting a new emphasis on their advertising campaigns at this time of year,” Myriam Gumuchian, chairperson of the JIC board of directors, said of JIC Jewelers Panel results. 

Advertising channel expansion plans are more likely in the Southeast, South, and West according to the panel survey. The East is least likely to expand advertising channels with 39 percent saying they are “very unlikely” expand channels compared to 30 percent overall. National wholesale and manufacturing organizations are also more likely to expand channels this season.

A total of 67 percent of respondents said they plan to use local and regional newspapers and 48 percent said they plan to use radio. Traditional Web sites are being used by 63 percent.

The online member panel survey was created by JIC to better understand regional markets, how jewelry and watch trends translate to sales, and how the selling power of trends varies by region. The survey panel currently includes more than 350 jeweler participants from across the country. 

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