Jeweler Integral in Police Sting to Catch Credit Card Thief

Aiman Nasrawi, of Aquamarine Jewelers, in Sacramento, Calif., helped local police catch a suspected identity thief accused of stealing a dead lawyer’s identity and running up charges on his credit card, according to a recent report from CBS13 news.

The report states that 34-year-old Radmehr Nejad had the wallet and credit cards of Sacramento attorney Thomas Tweedy, who died last month. Aiman says the suspect admitted having the dead attorney’s credit cards and had asked him to charge thousands on the card so they could split the cash. The jeweler agreed and told the suspect to come back the next day.

According to the news report, once Nejad left, Aiman called police, who surrounded the store and moved in when Nejad returned, arresting him for identity theft.

The victim’s family—grateful for the jeweler’s courage—told CBS13 that the attorney’s wallet was stolen in a burglary.

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