JCK Show is now the world’s largest jewelry trade fair

The international 2001 JCK Show-Las Vegas can claim the title as the world’s largest jewelry trade fair.

The 2001 show has 3,000 exhibitors-2,250 from the United States and 750 from foreign countries, according to figures released June 4 by the show’s management. The Basel jewelry, watch and clock fair, held each spring in Basel Switzerland, had been the largest. This year’s fair had some 2,300 exhibitors. In attendance, though, JCK still follows Basel. The JCK show had 18,423 attendees, as of June 3 (the third day of the five-day show. Basel had more than 80,000.

In terms of buying and selling, business at The JCK Show surprisingly upbeat-“surprising” because a good number of attendees, both buyers and vendors, had come thinking that the economic slowdown and drop in jewelry business at the end of 2000 and early this year would depress orders at the show. Instead, the opening day-June 1-was crowded with attendees and business was brisk for the first three days. Most vendors said their business, while not spectacular, was better than they expected. Some vendors-such as Bulova, Seiko and Citizen were enthusiastic about the orders they had, Laurence Grunstein, president of Citizen of America literally giving the show a “thumbs up.”

Several exhibitors and retailers also said they expect to see consumer spending on jewelry to rise by the fourth quarter, thanks to the interest and tax rate cuts effects on the economy.

The 2001 JCK Show-Las Vegas closes Tuesday afternoon.