‘JCK Rock Star’ Redux: A Quick Review of JCK’s Rock Star Competition

Have you been watching JCK’s original video series—the JCK Rock Star competition? Here’s a cheat sheet of episode and commentary links to bring you up to speed.


Episode 1: The JCK Rock Star Challenge

JCK‘s first-ever original video series premieres.


Episode 2: Meet Nina Basharova

Best known for her Milky Way series in gold, this Russian emigrant establishes herself as a contender in JCK’s Rock Star competition.


Episode 3: Meet Michael Bruder

A New York City jewelry designer gets a crash course in reality TV.


Episode 4: Meet Walter Chefitz

The JCK Rock Star contestant and New York City jeweler discusses his unique challenges and opportunities in the competition.


Episode 5: Meet Roseanne Pugliese

Jewelry designer Rosanne Pugliese talks milestones and trusting herself.


Bonus Commentary from Leila Tai Shenkin, JCK’s Rock Star Advisor From FIT

The FIT instructor and JCK Rock Star advisor wonders if her guidance really made a different in the lives of her student-contestants.


Episode 6: Meet Alex Woo

The New York City–based designer dishes on travel inspirations, embracing color, and the competition.


Episode 7: Nina Basharova’s Judgment Awaits

Nina Basharova is an award-winning designer—18 awards in just four years—but the New York City–based designer still has the jitters about her participation in the JCK Rock Star competition.


Episode No. 8 is now out! Check out the video and commentary here.