JCK Product Debut Exclusive! Golden Gown Earrings—Precious Garments for Your Lobes


You can pretty much pierce every part of the ear, from the fleshy lobe to the rigid upper cartilage (Helix). 

People pierce nearly every part of the ear. 

But those in the market for a much less invasive yet still uniquely attractive earring haven’t had many product options, until now. Enter, The Golden Gown. 

Finally! An ear adornment that doesn’t require hole punching.

Crafted in 14k or 18k gold, the patent-pending and trademarked Golden Gown earring is actually like a gemstone-studded cape for your upper ear. Fourth-generation Vietnamese jeweler, Nhate Truong, was inspired by fans of multiple ear piercings to create his own specialty earring. Thinking all the piercings looked awkward (and painful), Nhate mused, “Why not cover all those ear holes with gold?” 

Look at all the holes in this girl’s ear. Don’t try to tell me that didn’t hurt.

So he sketched out the idea and crafted a model to fit his wife’s ear. The result struck a happy chord not only with his family, but youths and friends. The name The Golden Gown, according to Nhate, suggests quality and the unconventional since pieces are designed to cover entire ears, like gowns dress the body. 

Nhate maintains that the designs are unisex and highly customizable—so much so that that process could, at least for now, impede quick sales as each Gown is made to order. Suggested retail prices for The Gowns start at $3,500, and all jewelry is made in California. Less-expensive silver versions for youth are also on the docket, as is an informational web site about the company.

The Golden Gown earrings aren’t for conservative types, but I bet these would appeal to many folks who like unique appearances and unconventional accessories. 

A sweet detail that’s easy to miss: when left- and right-side Gowns are placed next to each other, they form a heart shape. Aw. Also notable, Nhate didn’t want any media outlet other than JCK to break his happy news to trade.

This guy knows that JCK best gets your message out to the industry, and, about The Golden Gown earrings.


And talk about getting in on the ground floor of an idea: The Golden Gown hasn’t yet been publicized, seen at any jewelry trade shows, and isn’t yet carried by any retailers (other than Nhate’s family store in Westminster, Calif.). So if you’re looking for an unconventional product to appeal to hard-to-please customers, The Golden Gown earring may be worth a closer look. 

The patent-pending and trademarked Golden Gown earring is a new fashionable fine jewelry accessory.


The Golden Gown, Westminster, Calif.; (714) 323-5001, goldengownjewelry@yahoo.com.


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