JCK Las Vegas 2018: 4 Essentials & Tech Exhibitors I’m Excited to See

When JCK Las Vegas opens this Friday, it will bow with an Essentials & Tech pavilion showcasing 165 vendors that specialize in jewelry equipment, supplies, and technology.

And as ever, I’m excited to walk the neighborhood’s spacious aisles, which are always filled with the buzzing and whirring of new-to-market, high-tech machines and tools. I plan to visit with established companies and several newbies this year, searching for useful and interesting products for retailers and bench jewelers to feature in JCK.

Here are a few exhibitors I will definitely be dropping in on:

Jewelry Tag Solutions
Jewelry Tag Solutions labels

Jewelry Tag Solutions
New female-owned company Jewelry Tag Solutions, which specializes in ultrasonic-safe labels and tags, will launch at this year’s show, bringing with it a fully stocked inventory of tags, labels, ribbons, and corresponding hardware that feature the cutting-edge IronClad™ adhesive system. Company VP Joanne Slawitsky, who was the president of Kassoy for many years before co-launching Jewelry Tag Solutions, says, “I’m confident that retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers alike will find our premium labels to be competitively priced and composed of a quality that rivals or surpasses their current tag suppliers.”  Booth B61069 


Gemlogis gem tester

Gemlogis LAPIS tester

Gemological instrumentation brand Gemlogis develops and sells top-flight gem detection tools. Products the brand’s showcasing this year include the Gemlogis LEO, which is designed to function either solely as a refractive index meter, a colorless synthetic diamond screener for mounted stones, or with both capabilities together for loose stones; and the Gemlogis LAPIS tester, which distinguishes the difference between diamond, moissanite, simulants, and metal. Booth B63071

Formlabs Form 2 3D printer
Top and above: Formlabs Form 2 desktop 3D printer 

Formlabs, maker of advanced desktop 3D printers, will be showcasing a 3D-printed sea sponge jewelry collection. Yes, you read that correctly! The vendor, in collaboration with design studio Nervous System, will launch Porifera, a new jewelry collection inspired by the forms of deep-sea glass sponges. The collection was made using a new Formlab material—the world’s first ceramic resin on a desktop 3D printer, which allows jewelers to print delicate, interconnecting forms digitally. Booth B68075


Gravotech engraving machine
Gravotech M10 Jewel engraving machine

3Design & Gravotech
This a two-for-one booth: 3Design will be bringing to the show its CAD jewelry software, which features parametric capabilities, allowing designers to easily modify creations, render them instantly, and generate high-quality STL files for 3D printers. Gravotech, meanwhile, makes top-of-the-line engraving machines that are quiet and compact. Booth B67082

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