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Retailers are hungry for sales tips, and David Richardson, of Richardson Resource Group, gave seminar attendees “The 25 Greatest Sales Tips Ever” during a Thursday session. 

Leading Richardson’s list is a comeback to a customer claiming a competing jeweler in a market is “pushy.” Ask him what he means by “pushy,” as the word can have many meanings. This lets the customer vent and eventually allows the salesperson to move away from negativity and focus on the positive aspects of his own store. 

David Richardson, of Richardson Resource Group, gave seminar attendees “The 25 Greatest Sales Tips Ever” during JCK Las Vegas.

The echo technique also works in response to an objection about another store. It also works well with the “I need to think over” rift. A salesperson can say, “Think it over.” 

Aware that young men would rather spend two month’s salary on something other than jewelry, Richardson encouraged salespeople to focus on what really matters to a guy, which is making a big impression on his fiancée with a memorable and mind-blowing proposal. 

After the young man gets married, there’s also the “in the doghouse” sales approach. Asking, “How big is that doghouse” injects levity while establishing a range the troubled gent is willing to spend to get out. 

Customer contact is another sales vehicle. Romancing colored stones such as birthstones in monthly e-newsletters is a cost-effective method of educating, informing, and enticing customers with information such as exotic origins and interesting lore. 

When confronted with a customer armed with an Internet price list, Richardson has found success using a series of questions including: “What did you discover when you compared it with a certified diamond?” “At this point, how can I help you?” “Why did you buy?” 

Richardson also discussed the most important customer experience, which takes place outside the store. “You go from a transaction to a transformation with a male customer the moment he sees the expression on her face when she says, ‘Yes,’ or when she enters a ballroom looking as elegant as ever with the diamond necklace he purchased.”


Richardson by the Numbers:

* Six magic words of selling to men: “One thing women really like is …”
* Hand out at least three business cards each day.
* The five words you should never say to a male bridal customer: “Thank you for your business.”
* Pick a favorite piece of jewelry and show it to at least two customers each day.
* Three places that intimidate men: cosmetics department, lingerie department, jewelry store.
* Three points of fear for men: the moment he walks through the door, the moment he’s approached by a salesperson, the moment he makes a commitment to buy.

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