JCK Las Vegas: Price Point Jewelry (32 New Pics!)


Greetings! I hope that everyone who attended JCK Las Vegas had a successful show and a good time catching up with friends and colleagues. I think that the show was decent; retailers said they were spending conservatively, but were still looking to buy less-expensive high-fashion items, and vendors said they were pleased with ‘better-than-expected’ sales.

Honora pearl strands.
Honora strands, photo courtesy of Michael Schechter.


Anyone who saw me during the show knows that my schedule was crazy hectic, so I apologize if you requested a booth visit and I wasn’t able to swing by. Please mail a CD of high-resolution images of your newest work to me, and I will happily consider items for editorial placement. 

Jennifer Heebner, JCK Magazine, 360 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10010


Some of you may also be aware that my typical ‘live show coverage’ on the Style 360  blog was absent this week; that is due to the daily seminars that I had to attend and write up, and, evening events. Thus, I was unable to keep up with nightly jewelry posts. Please forgive me, and join me now in reviewing my finds from the week. I’m dividing up the jewelry not into trends—because just a handful will ultimately emerge over the next few months—but into categories. I’ll start first with the most noticeable: price point jewelry.


Just about everybody had it, whether it was your regular niche or not. Industry has already witnessed a number of designers moving from gold into silver (“The Silver Lining,” JCK Luxury Fall 2008), and again into less-expensive jewels in general (“More 4 Less,” JCK Luxury Spring 2009). But during JCK Las Vegas this year, I saw firms like Roberto Coin and even bridal jewelry manufacturer My Way Jewelry unveil silver lines; the former’s was actually nice-looking and complemented the karat gold styles that he’s known for, but the designs of the latter–while definitely cute–could better reflect the motifs and styling present in the firm’s core product line, bridal (because, presumably, if you like My Way Jewelry’s True Knot’s bridal line, then you would want to purchase their fashion jewelry). If you know/see differently, please do weigh in by way of the comment function. 

Also, since I didn’t get around to see every company that exhibited at JCK Las Vegas, please let me know of good deals that you found. Retailers can email low-res pics to me at JHeebner@reedbusiness.com and I’ll post them in a new blog, ‘Readers’ Picks’. Be sure to mention retail price and materials. Or, have a suggestion for this blog? Let me know that, too, because I’m always looking for ways to improve coverage. Thanks!


Ed Note: SSRP means ‘Starting Suggested Retail Price’


John Bagley, mother of pearl in sterling and 14k gold; SSRP silver $150, 14k gold $280.
John Bagley mother-of-pearl sterling and 14k gold jewelry.


Off the Cuff Chinese freshwater pearl bracelets, SSRP $29.95. Off the Cuff has a $500 buy-in for a 48-piece unit, including ad slicks, postcards, and top-of-counter displays.
Imperial Pearl's Off the Cuff bracelets.
Imperial Pearl's Off the Cuff Chinese freshwater pearl bracelets.


, blue and white Chinese freshwater pearls with sterling and diamond clasps and interchangeable components, SSRP $300
Imperial Pearls blue Chinese freshwater pearl necklaces.Imperial Pearls interchangeable necklaces.


, 60-inch strands of Chinese freshwater pearls with 14k gold clasps, SSRP $300
JCK's Jennifer Heebner in Imperial Pearls.
How can I resist? The prices are great!


purple Chinese freshwater pearls, SSRP $80 (other colors include denim blue and earth tones)
Honora's lavender pearls.Honora's colored Chinese freshwater pearls.
Honora pearls.Honora pearls at JCK Las Vegas 2009.
Honora pearl jewelry at JCK Las Vegas 2009.
The pin/pendant retails for just over $100, set in sterling.


Honora pearl necklace with an easy-to-use clasp.
This clasp is neither a spring ring nor a lobster, and it is the easiest that I’ve ever used.

Honora’s colored pearl stud sets, 3 pairs of 9mm studs or 5 pairs of 8mm studs, $50 retail.
Honora colored pearl stud earring sets.


, Girls pastel-colored pearl sets are dubbed Candy and start at $20 retail. Packaging includes heart-shape boxes, Mom can match with adult-sized styles, and, 10 percent of sales benefit Jewelers For Children.
Honora pastel-coloured pearls.Honora pearls for little girls.


My Way Jewelry’s
new sterling and semi-precious designs are made in Los Angeles and start at $180.

 My Way Jewelry's silver line at JCK Las Vegas 2009.

Old World Chain’s Emoticons are now ready (sterling Chat charms debuted at Centurion). Emoticons are those little smiley, frowny, and otherwise cutesy faces that everyone uses in digital correspondence. In 18k gold, SSRP is $375.

Old World Chain's Emoticon charms in 18k gold.

David Yurman’s
sterling Giftables retail for just a couple hundred bucks (sorry, I forgot to ask the exact SSRP during my appointment).
David Yurman silver jewelry at JCK Las Vegas 2009.


David Yurman’s
Picture Jasper and Laguna Agate dog tags and signet rings in sterling, SSRP $250.

 David Yurman Laguna Agate and sterling jewelry.

Scott Kay’s new Cocoã line is a proprietary blend of sterling silver and bronze, it will not tarnish because its patina is already a permanently warm hue. SSRP is $250.

 Scott Kay's new Cocoã line of sterling and bronze jewelry.
Scott Kay's new Cocoã line of sterling and bronze jewelry.

Lori Bonn’s sterling birthstone and Love Letters pendants start at $68 retail.

 Lori Bonn's new sterling jewelry at JCK Las Vegas 2009.

Carolina Bucci’s
Friendship bracelets are sterling silver and silk with magnet clasps and retail for $200. Some 30 percent of proceeds benefit Global Action for Children. They are only available until December 2009!

 Carolina Bucci's sterling and silk bracelets.

Roberto Coin’s
new Capriplus line is available in ruthenium-plated sterling, SSRP $800. Ebony and gold-plated styles of the same start at $1,200, while 18k gold Caprisplus styles start at $4,400.
Roberto Coin's new Capriplus line of silver jewelry.

Roberto Coin's new Capriplus line of ebony and gold plate jewerly.
Ebony and gold plate.


The new Daniel line by Yvel features sterling silver and Chinese freshwater pearls and starts at $95. There are also some colored stone styles in the line, but the pearls are what they’re known for and what buyers may want to seek out.
Yvel's new sterling and pearl line, Daniel.Yvel's new sterling, pearl, and gemstone line, Daniel.
Yvel's new silver line, Daneil, at JCK Las Vegas 2009.


sterling miniature sculptures are sleek and artistic, and start at just $150.
Somers mini sculptures in silver at JCK Las Vegas 2009.
Cissy pendant


Robin Haley’s
religious artifact jewelry is available in 18k gold (SSRP $350) and sterling starting at $100. She takes ancient coins and medallions and casts likenesses in precious metals.

 Robin Haley's sterling line of artifacts.

Heather Moore’s recycled sterling and 14k gold jewelry features personalized motifs, like letter and numbers; SSRP silver $100, 14k gold $175.

Heather Moore's recycled sterling and 14k gold jewelry.


Shaesby 18k gold jewelry, SSRP $275. The thread-thrus with briolettes shown retail for $315.

 Shaesby's 18k gold earrings.

Kalan’s gold-plated silver starts at $140. SORRY, I DIDN’T GET A PIC. If Suzanne reads this, pls email one to me at JHeebner@reedbusiness.com and I’ll post it here.


Honora Pearls stud earring sets.
Michael Schechter on Honora’s promotional pearl stud sets: “These are an add-on, kind of like ‘Would you like fries with that’?”


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