JCK Jewelers Choice Awards Platinum Winners

Platinum Guild International USA has announced the winners in the “Platinum Jewelry” categories at the second annual JCK Jewelers Choice Awards 2008. The competition is the first industry design contest to conduct all judging via the Internet and allows retailers to serve as the official judges. 

The winners were chosen based on their design innovation; and first place winners will be recognized in the March 2009 issue of JCK magazine.

The “platinum” categories in the contest included “Platinum under $10,000,” “Platinum over $10,000,” and “Platinum 3-Ring Bridal Set,” providing designers a platform to enter their bridal and fashion designs at a range of price points.

Platinum Jewelry winners are:

Platinum Jewelry Under $10,000

DanhovDanhov (pictured left)
John Apel (pictured below)
Somos Creations

Platinum Jewelry Over $10,000

Erica Courtney (pictured left)
Michael Schofield & Co.
Michael B

3-Ring Platinum Bridal Set

Durnell (pictured left)
Kirk Kara (pictured below)
Simon G

The contest had an amazing response from the industry with an impressive 319 entries and more than 15,635 votes tallied—a 40 percent increase from the prior year.

          John Apel                         Kirk Kara