JCK announces 2005 grant recipients of industry fund

The JCK Shows and JCK magazine have announced the grant recipients of the annual JCK Industry Fund. A highly sought after program, the grant was established seven years ago in an effort to enhance the image of the jewelry industry and to support strategies and ideas that would further its growth. Since the Industry Fund’s inception, many groups and associations have benefited and created a buzz in the industry by bringing life to the overall core goals and intentions of the Fund.

This year, the five recipients of the grants include Jewelers Security Alliance, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, American Gem Society, MJSA and Jewelers of America. The grants were given to the following programs presented to the Industry Fund: “I am proud that JCK Publishing along with The JCK Shows has such an amazing tradition of giving back to the greater jewelry community. I am confident that our contribution will increase avenues for continued education and open dialogue in the industry,” says Mark Smelzer, publisher, JCK International Publishing Group.

Jewelers Security Alliance received $138,000 to fund the production of a jewelry crime training DVD for law enforcement personnel.

Jewelers Vigilance Committee received $100,000 to support JVC’s efforts to provide enhanced legal compliance for the jewelry industry in the form of improved monitoring, education and communication.

American Gem Society received two separate grants of $50,000 and $12,000 to both support their 2005 education program at the AGS Conclave and their AGS Graduate Sales Associate educational program for 2005, respectively.

MJSA received $68,000 to further the development of their “Safe and Secure” program.
Jewelers of America received $32,000 to aid them in their project — Protecting the Reputation of Our Products and Business: Managing Social, Ethical and Environmental Responsibilities and Risks.
The five recipients have aggressively developed their platforms for the coming year and will work diligently to realize their individual goals that will ultimately benefit the larger industry. “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” remarks JVC’s Executive Director & General Counsel, Cecilia Gardner. “We are grateful for the continued generosity of the JCK group and are happy to be doing work that is going to make things better for the entire industry.  We are passionate about being able to continue our quest to enhance legal compliance and monitoring across the board and to ensure greater compliance through educational training at industry events.  By developing diverse methods of communicating our core message, including an internet education component, we are making the industry a safer and more trusted place in which to conduct business.”
By educating law enforcement personnel about the special circumstances within the jewelry industry, Jewelers Security Alliance will aid in making quantum leaps in fighting crime. On the frontlines, the grants awarded to AGS will go to support industry education through a reinvestment of resources into those who choose the jewelry industry as their lifelong career path. Dave Bonaparte, vice president of The JCK Shows states that “Our investment only goes to create a fitter, healthier and stronger industry that embraces growth in all areas.  JCK and JCK Publishing are proud to be at the forefront and are extremely committed to doing everything in our power to promote it.  By investing in the agencies and associations that continue to make this industry a strong and viable one, we believe that we are building a legacy for those that follow.”
All applications were reviewed and chosen by a Fund Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the manufacturing and retail sectors of the business and JCK magazine and The JCK Shows. JCK magazine is the leading source of business-to-business information for the jewelry industry and includes JCK Magazine, Trendz, and Luxury International, for jewelry lovers and watch enthusiasts. The JCK Shows is the leading producer of jewelry industry events in the United States including JCK Las Vegas, JCK Phoenix, LUXURY by JCK, Swiss Watch by JCK, and Diamonds by JCK.
The JCK Shows, Las Vegas and Phoenix, LUXURY by JCK and Swiss Watch by JCK and Diamonds by JCK are designed to serve the worldwide jewelry industry by offering the most comprehensive and complete buying and selling opportunities on a business-to-business basis.  Furthermore, The Shows provide the jewelry industry invaluable information from both a practical and global perspective on subjects that impact not only the jewelry industry but its consumer as well.