JA Scholarships for Bench Jewelers

Jewelers of America is encouraging jewelers in select southern states to take advantage of the special JA Bench Jeweler Certification scholarship fund established by wholesale supplier Southeastern Findings Inc

The JA Bench Jeweler Certification program—open to all bench jewelers—evaluates a bench jeweler’s talent based on set industry standards.

While Jewelers of America has awarded three of the program’s $750 scholarships, there are still seven scholarships available for three levels of JA Bench Jeweler Certification: JA Certified Bench Jeweler, JA Certified Senior Bench Jeweler, and JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler.

“The Southeastern Findings scholarships offer jewelers significant savings to achieve JA Bench Jeweler Certification, an instantly recognized distinction of value,” said Matthew A. Runci, JA president and chief executive officer. “Professional certification is a fundamental method for jewelers to differentiate their skills and service to consumers in today’s competitive marketplace.”

The Southeastern Findings Scholarship is available to jewelers located in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky. An additional scholarship is open to a jeweler from any other state. Bench jewelers in these states, who have yet to earn certification or are interested in advancing their current JA Bench Jeweler Certification level, should visit the Jewelers of America homepage to download a Southeastern Findings scholarship application. The scholarships are awarded in the order they are received; all scholarship applicants must meet current JA Bench Jeweler Certification guidelines.

“Southeastern Findings is pleased to support a program that promotes the talent and career development of bench jewelers,” said Gene Callaway, Southeastern Findings president. “The scholarships demonstrate Southeastern Findings’ commitment to serving the manufacturing jeweler. After 30 years of working closely with manufacturing jewelers, we realize it is important to distinguish the quality and talent of professional bench jewelers.”
To inquire about partnering with JA in sponsorship opportunities, or to learn more about the JA Bench Jeweler Certification program, email David Peters, JA director of education, at davidpeters@jewelers.org or call 310-287-1161.

Southeastern Findings, Inc., based in Atlanta, specializes in findings, mountings, tools and wedding bands.