JA Receives $7,500 Scholarship Donation

Southeastern Findings Inc., will sponsor ten Jewelers of America Bench Jeweler Certification scholarships, totaling $7,500, in 2008.

JA, in a statement Wednesday, said the scholarships demonstrate Southeastern Findings’ commitment to serving the manufacturing jeweler, by supporting a program that promotes the talent and career development of bench jewelers.

“Southeastern Findings is excited to be able to help bench jewelers achieve JA Bench Jeweler Certification, which is an instantly recognized description of value,” says Gene Callaway, Southeastern Findings president. “After 30 years of working closely with manufacturing jewelers, we realize it is important to distinguish the quality and talent of professional bench jewelers.”
The JA Bench Jeweler Certification program—open to all bench jewelers—sets industry-wide standards for evaluating a bench jeweler’s talent, which has resulted in a system to clearly communicate skill level to an employer, colleague, or customer. Certified bench jewelers are acknowledged as professional leaders in their field and can use their certified skills to differentiate their stores’ services from competitors.

The ten scholarships will be available for three of the four levels of JA Bench Jeweler Certification: JA Certified Bench Jeweler, JA Certified Senior Bench Jeweler, and JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler.

Southeastern Findings, based in Atlanta, Ga., will grant scholarships to an individual from each of the following eight Southern states: Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia and Kentucky. Two additional scholarships will be granted “at-large” to individuals from two other states. All scholarship applicants must meet JA Bench Jeweler Certification guidelines.

To apply for the scholarships, bench jewelers should visit the JA Web site, beginning April 20, to download the Southeastern Findings scholarship application.

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