JA Reaches Out to Legislators

Jewelers of America called on Congress earlier in Nov. to
address the needs of jewelers.

President and CEO Matthew A. Runci sent a letter to all 535
lawmakers on Capitol Hill, urging them to keep jewelry businesses top-of-mind
as they decide on measures that could have lasting impacts on business. Runci
sent the letter on Nov. 8, just ahead of the final session of the 111th
Congress, which began on Nov.15.

“Jewelers of America members make invaluable contributions
to the local, regional and national economy through job creation and financial
support of local commerce,” wrote Runci in the letter. “In most cases, these
companies have been passed down from generation to generation, earning
positions of respect and recognition within their communities.”

He highlighted several key issues for Congress to consider,
including an extension of the Bush tax cuts and a repeal of the Estate Tax. He
also told legislators to allow businesses to continue using the LIFO (last in,
first out) accounting method, which would hurt many jewelry businesses if it
were repealed.

He closed the letter by noting the heavy toll the recession
has taken on the U.S. economy and the importance of small businesses in
achieving a full recovery.

JA members and others in the industry can send a
personalized version of the letter to their individual representatives through
JA’s Legislative Action Center at jewelers.org.