J-Bar releases online resource directory for jewelry appraisal services

The Jewelers Board of Appraisal Review, a division of Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), launched the J-BAR On-line Resource Directory at www.jbar.org. The online directory includes all of the listings in the print directory and will be updated in real time to accommodate those individuals who pass the J-BAR test and wish to be listed in the online directory.

The online directory contains detailed information on each individual—including education, credentials, appraisal experience, and contact information. Types of appraisal experience listed include insurance replacement and verification, national and international certifications, and courtroom experience. Since J-BAR was launched less than a year ago, 500 persons have purchased and completed the home-study course and/or exam. More than 200 individuals have taken the test and have passed.

“Both print and online J-BAR resource directories include listings of beginner appraisers as well as seasoned professionals with decades of in-depth industry experience. Both will be valuable, too, for law enforcement and consumer protection agencies to use when seeking specific expertise in situations where jewelry appraisal experience is needed,” said Cecilia L. Gardner, executive directory and general counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

The print directory includes many appraisal organization’s standards and codes, suggested appraisal forms, sample explanatory language, guidance for specific appraisal types, checklist of elements to include in appraisals, glossary of terms, education resources, and publications and organizations that offer further in-depth appraisal education. In the near future, JVC says it will add information to its online directory that is now only found in the print directory.

To date, J-BAR has distributed the print directory to nearly 200 users of appraisal services, including lawyer organizations, appraisers and insurance companies, and consumer protection bureaus.

The print directory will be updated every two years. Online directory listings are $24.95. Online directory order forms accompany test results for those who pass the J-BAR exam. The Print Resource Directory purchase price is $30; order forms can be accessed on JVC’s Web site, www.jvclegal.org and J-BAR’s Web site, www.jbar.org. Or call JVC at 212-997-2002 to purchase the J-BAR Resource Directory.