Italian Tribute to ‘Eternal Platinum’

In a project four years in the making, Platinum Guild International-Italy brought together some of Italy’s brightest and most well-known designers to reinterpret the symbolism, uniqueness, and design of the classic wedding band.

The result was an Italian exhibition: “In Fede, ‘Eternal Platinum, The Ultimate Symbol of Love,’” which was showcased at Milan’s Triennale Museum throughout the month of November with an opening soiree on Nov. 4.

The 23 designers represented three creative disciplines: seven architects, seven fashion designers, seven jewelry designers and two design students. They were challenged to communicate their concept of the ultimate symbol of eternal love and articulate their vision in the design of a platinum wedding band. 

“The project was given to marry tradition with innovation in the outward expression of how two different people become, in a sense, one unit,” said Alba Cappellieri, exhibit curator. “The variety and richness of design that these great minds can provide should be expressed over all categories.”

The list of design notables reads like a “who’s who” of the design world. Following is a spotlight on how several designers interpreted the Platinum wedding band:

• Antonia Astori – Created two elements that fit together like interlocking gears
• Andrea Branzi – Created a band with two human figures holding hands above the ring’s shank
• Aldo Cibic – Created an engraved platinum band with the infinite symbol

• Salvadore Ferragamo – Created a platinum band with inlaid mirrors and black enamel
• Gianfranco Ferré – Created a platinum band with a graceful knot that plays with the regularity of the band, interrupting it and then continuing it
• Alberta Ferretti – Divided the band into three horizontal sections and three vertical sections where nine diamonds mark the intersections of the planes

• Giampaolo Babetto – Created a band from two geometrical parts, ready to be divided into two single rings
• Rossella Tornquist – Created a flat platinum ribbon that folds endlessly around the band
• Barbara Antolini – Created a platinum band that draws on the age-old themes of the crown or cogwheel.

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