Israeli Diamond Industry Launching Marketing Campaign at Baselworld

Israeli Diamond Industry will have 16 diamond exporters participating at
Baselworld 2011 March 24–31.

managing director Eli Avidar will unveil the new strategic marketing campaign
“Welcome to Israel” at the IDI’s press event March 25. The IDI will launch a
significant Internet interface that will make trading Israeli diamonds simpler and more accessible.

Kuvent, outgoing CEO of Dun & Bradstreet Israel, will examine how the
ascendancy of consumer markets in Asia is impacting the global diamond and
jewelry industries at the event.

Israeli Diamond Industry has emerged from the world economic crisis to become
stronger and more flexible than before. We have succeeded in developing new
markets, as well as deepening ties to existing ones,” IDI chairman Moti Ganz
said in a statement. 


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