Israel Exchange Appoints Executives

Newly elected Israel Diamond Exchange president Yair Sahar
appointed several new vice presidents and delegated new responsibilities, the WFDB
announced July 18.

Sahar appointed Rafael Yerushalmi as acting president in his
absence. Yerushalim will also head the IDE’s judicial committee

Yehuda Sayag was made deputy president and will serve as the
chairman of the IDE’s daily affairs and management committee.

Yoram Harel Haimoff was appointed vice president and will
head the trading hall management committee.

Two additional vice presidents, Shalom Papir and Ben Zion
Saso, were appointed and chosen to head the security and the members’ committees,

Other members of the new IDE board include: Moti Fluk, Ishai
Topel, Shlomo Shimshovitz; Tomer Smetana, Amotz Raz, Hagai HaLevi, Yossi Ben
Zion, Eli Shiri, Ya’akov Harun Shelli, Yizhak Mandler, Ya’akov Katan, Ilan
Samuel, Yizhak Berman, and BoazMoldavski.