Israel diamond leaders say it’s ‘business as usual’

Despite the ongoing turmoil in parts of the Middle East, diamond leaders say it’s “business as usual” in the Israel diamond center.

According to Simcha Lustig, chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute, the manufacturing, importing, and exporting of diamonds in Israel has not been interrupted by recent events. “I have no doubt that we will be able to continue to fill all of our clients’ needs for the coming season,” he said.

The diamond center in Ramat Gan is located in the central part of the country, which has not been directly affected by the violence. Work in the Diamond Exchange, polishing plants and related services, continues without change during this time.

Israel Diamond Exchange President Avi Paz, said buyers from abroad are supporting the industry. “Despite the situation, we’re pleased to see that buyers are continuing to visit the bourse, even during this week,” he said.

To show the industry’s determination to continue in a normal routine, the Israel Diamond Manufacturers’ Association chose to hold a scheduled event this week, honoring fourteen Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary Award recipients. The ceremony was organized by IsDMA president Moti Ganz, who noted the importance of holding this event even during Israel’s difficult times.

“The strength we display far from the front will help ensure the success of the Army’s efforts in the North,” he said.

The IDE said it will donate dozens of television sets, DVD players, films, and electric fans, to hundreds of children and their families in the north of Israel.

“This was the easiest decision I have had to make,” Paz said. “These children are very close to my heart, and we must do all we can. It is a personal obligation of all members of the Israel Diamond Exchange to give to others with all their hearts.”