Interview With New David Webb Owner

Emanuel, one
of three new owners
of famed jeweler David
, very generously took some time to talk with me yesterday about their
plans for the company. And it certainly sounds like they have a full plate:

– The
company’s two stores, in New York and Beverly Hills, will remain open.

– He noted that all the company’s “financial issues have been resolved” and now they are looking for a “first-rate” management team to run the company.

The first goal is to boost production at the company’s workshop and recreate
some 40 to 50 “iconic” Webb pieces.

– Emanuel
also wants to bring the design house “into the 21st century,” by
increasing PR and marketing efforts and “creating new and exciting pieces that
are respectful of David Webb yet also have relevance for today.”

– A
division will be created to buy vintage Webb jewelry on the open market.

– There are plans for a book on Webb’s jewelry.

The new owners also want to develop an “authentication model” for Webb pieces.
“There has been controversy over illegitimate Webb pieces and we plan to
tighten that up and create a consistent model that makes
sense and has integrity,” Emanuel said.

– “We
take the role of honoring David Webb very seriously,” Emanuel stressed. “It’s a
tremendous name that is recognized all over the world and we want to do it
justice. We have to be respectful and humble. It’s a company that we are still trying
to understand and learn about at the same time we have to make hard decisions
about how to direct the company.”

Interestingly, the three new owners were also involved in the
purchase of legendary jeweler Fred Leighton
in November 2009.

JCK News Director