Instagram Introduces @Creators

Instagram is big business—how’s that for stating the obvious—and the social media platform is upping its game to help its users be at their best. Last week, it introduced @creators: an Instagram-run account that seeks to inspire, teach, and connect other creatives using the platform.

This is new, so you won’t find much on the account just yet. A handful of posts tease conversations with creators—business owners, actors, artists—basically, anyone who creates. The posts promise future content revolving around topics such as standing out in a community of creatives, finding your brand, and seeking a strategy for promoting that brand.

Via: @creators

Inspiring enough, but the account also shares statistics that could help brands learn on the fly. For example, a post from last week shared the statistic that “60% of people listen to Instagram Stories with the sound on,” a very helpful bit of information for someone creating Instagram Story content. And it’s instantaneous in many cases, too: Imagine someone sees that on their feed just as they’re about to create a story, this could help them to determine whether it makes sense to include sound.

Many comments on that post echo the same sentiment: “I didn’t know that.” And I have to agree: As someone who almost never has the sound on when scrolling through Instagram, I was surprised to find that I am apparently in the minority. (@Creators does not state its source for the statistic on this post, which might have been helpful.)

Good marketers seek this sort of information to drive their social strategy. This new account will by no means replace your own research and statistics—social media marketing cannot be a one-size-fits-all plan—but these small bread crumbs may amount to a hearty slice of bread along the way.

The handle has also introduced a video series under #howicreate, where creators share their experiences and tips on what has worked in their favor on the road to successful sharing. The episodes run in full on IGTV, so if you haven’t gotten into using the platform’s YouTube-like feature, this might be a good place to start.

The most intriguing promise made by the new account? @Creators assures is it will be discussing the infamous Instagram algorithm—a topic of much debate (and ire). It’s too early to tell where this venture will lead, but I like the look of things, so give @creators a follow and see what it can do for your brand’s social media strategy.

(Top image via: @creators)

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