Industry Leaders to Meet in May to Confirm KP

The World Diamond Council‘s fifth annual meeting at the David Citadel Hotel on May 9-10 in Jerusalem will focus on how the industry, governments, and civil society groups can work together to focus on using the Kimberley Process to affect real change for all members of the diamond industry, WDC said Wednesday.

In addition, the meeting will review the past success of the 2006 education campaign in the hopes of refining a core message for 2007.

“In 2006, the issue of conflict diamonds received global attention and the diamond industry had a unique advantage of having addressed this issue seven years ago with the creation and implementation of the Kimberley Process,” WDC said in a statement. “However, it is our responsibility and obligation to not only continue the success of the Kimberley Process, whereby 99.8% of the world’s diamonds are from conflict-free sources, but to also move the dialogue forward to address the issues surrounding conflict, such as working conditions and alluvial mining.”

Speakers for the meeting include the following:

* Gareth Penny, managing director, De Beers

* Sergey Vibornov, president, Alrosa

* Lev Leviev, chairman, Leviev Group of Companies

* Ernie Blom, president, World Federation of Diamond Bourses

* Jeff Fischer, president, International Diamond Manufactuers Association

* Gaetano Cavalieri, president, World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO)

To  register to attend the fifth annual World Diamond Council meeting, please log on to The event is being hosted by the Israeli Diamond Industry.

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