Industry Celebrates the Solar Eclipse

How did the great American solar eclipse treat you? Depending on your location in the country—and your ability to nail down a pair of viewing glasses—you may have witnessed something truly incredible. If you’re like me, you rigged a viewing thingamajig from a cereal box and still completely missed whatever the heck was supposed to be happening in the sky. It wasn’t actually until later that afternoon that I noticed the little crescent-shaped lights in the photos we had taken from the roof—a belated, yet pleasant, surprise. Others in the industry had better luck, location, and timing, while others still, just had the best jewelry for the occasion. And that definitely counts for something.

Instagram solar eclipse

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Instagram tiny moons

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Instagram eclipse puppetry and cookware

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Instagram eclipse pendant

(via @andreafohrman; also at top)

Instagram moon eclipse jewelry

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Instagram moon jewelry

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Instagram crystal moon over diamond sun

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Instagram moon necklace

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Instagram solar eclipse

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Instagram eclipse reflection

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Instagram solar eclipse day

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