India Joins the Club(s)

There is a
saying in journalism, when something happens twice, it’s a trend.

So check out
this trend:

– In Antwerp last week, the AWDC held
elections for six open positions
. Members of Antwerp’s Indian community won
every single post, so much so that a commenter on our site asked if the
elections were in “Mumbai” or “Antwerp.” Even an Indian newspaper noticed:

Jhaveri of Sauraj Diamonds, one of those elected, told Business Standard that
votes for the Indian candidates cut across community lines. “Belgians, Jews,
Lebanese were amongst those who voted for us, and even though we may be Indian
we will represent the entire trade, not just the Indians,” he said.

– Then
yesterday, we saw my friend Bosant Johari get
elected to one of the most important positions
at the Diamond Dealers Club,
vice president. (In fact, since the VP position controls arbitrations, it is
often called the most important position.) Johari is so far the only Indian
dealer to be elected to a position at the Club, and attaining such a high post
is a measure of members’ respect for him. 

India has been
important in our industry for some time, but our trade associations have
traditionally been a little segmented ethnically.  I don’t think I’m causing a big controversy by saying that,
in New York, the Diamond Dealers Club has typically had Jewish members (and
leaders), while New York’s Indian dealers founded their own group, the Indian
Diamond and Colorstone Association.

 Now, we are
seeing the lines blur a bit. And I have to say, that’s a good thing. As
Johari told me: “There is no point in all the segmentation. We need to all go
forward together.” 

JCK News Director