Independent Musician Jared Campbell Writes Song for Jeweler

One way to break out of the traditional retail jeweler mold is to associate your business with a hip, cutting-edge musician. That’s what Benari Jewelersdid earlier this year when the Pa.-based jeweler (with stores in Exton and Newtown Square) commissioned Jared Campbell to create a song for their “Benari for Better” campaign that started last fall.

Campbell’s song “It’s Just Better,” about a young couple’s relationship through different phases of life, is a catchy, acoustic tune that is now a central part of the store’s ongoing “Benari for Better” campaign. 

But in the context of the “Benari for Better” campaign, the love song is also a metaphor for not only finding the right ring to symbolize the couple’s union, but also the importance of establishing a long-term relationship with the right jeweler.

The main message of the “Benari for Better” campaign is: “doing things right the first time, and the importance of choosing the right partner for a lasting relationship,” says Jenna McIver, marketing coordinator for Benari Jewelers.

The “Benari for Better” campaign, with its own dedicated website, began last fall with TV commercials featuring a young, newlywed couple. Last year’s holiday ads featuring the couple were geared mainly toward couples ranging in age from 28–40. This age spread encompasses not only young bridal customers, but also those celebrating milestone anniversaries.

But store owner Jacob BenAri wanted to take the campaign to another level in ways that would continue to engage this age group for this year’s holiday promotions. BenAri worked with the store’s ad agency to bring on a recording talent of some heft that would be a good match with the company and its campaign.  

Upstate New York native Campbell was discovered and seemed like a good fit for the campaign. He is an independent musician of some notoriety who has opened for big names such as Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Collective Soul, Hootie & the Blowfish, and Journey. 

BenAri also liked Campbell’s singing and thoughtful lyrics, such as “Teach Me to Love,” the track that tipped the scales in commissioning Campbell to write and sing the store’s theme song.

Campbell’s The Blue Project, a series of live concerts performed each year for young junior high to college students, also worked in his favor. Campbell, 25, uses his songs and the messages behind them to help young people stay on the right path in life by making positive choices along the way.

“The edgy quality of his songs, the meaningful lyrics, and The Blue Project really sealed the deal for us to go with Jared,” says McIver.

In April the collaborative process between the store’s ad agency, BenAri, and Campbell began. The singer/songwriter was invited to Exton, Pa., to see BenAri’s two stores firsthand, and to meet leaders behind the family business. After getting to know the business and their current campaign, Campbell returned several months later with a first draft of music and lyrics.  

With a final version of “It’s Just Better” ready, BenAri started the task of using the new song in store promotions. News about the commissioned song and links to listen and download the song were provided on the store’s main website and the “Benari for Better” dedicated website. Links were also posted on Facebook and sent out via Twitter.

But the big rollout came in mid-August when 150 women attended an exclusive invite-only party when Campbell performed the new song “It’s Just Better” as part of an intimate concert announcing the store’s new campaign theme song.

“Jared handed out autographed CDs, talked with ladies about his The Blue Project, and his music,” says McIver. “The evening went really well and the ladies absolutely enjoyed everything about it.”

“Benari for Better” radio commercials featuring Campbell’s “It’s Just Better” song have been airing on several radio stations for the last few weeks. So far reaction to the radio commercial featuring the store’s new theme song is slowly building a following, but McIver sees the ladies’ night party as the best gauge of market reaction so far.

“This is the type of personal connection to the singer and the song is what we’re after,” says McIver.

A video of the song is currently in production, and is scheduled to be ready later this year. The music video will then in turn be used in TV commercials this holiday season.

Videos of the song will also be played in the store, and video links will be posted on the top-three social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). “This will help spread news of the new campaign theme song,” says McIver.