Inbound Marketing

I am interested in helping readers better understand how traditional marketing methods are being set aside for more effective strategies. One important new strategy is to focus on customers seeking out jewelry products and services online. This is called inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing parallels the needs, wants, demands and desires of consumers by meeting these shoppers where they are seeking information regarding jewelry products through search engines, blogs, and social networking channels. Understanding return on marketing investments is easier to do with inbound marketing due to monitoring features. The content created to help inform and educate customers can be more effectively distributed through inbound marketing.

Today many consumers enter keywords into a search engine to conduct searches for products they are interested in learning more about before purchasing. Positioning an online jewelry retailer to be found by inquiring prospective customers just makes good sense. Jewelers need to understand the right key words to attract more qualified traffic to their online store.

Pay per click ads allows jewelry companies to create ads and target specific keywords. As consumers search for keywords paid ads appear as search results. These can take the form of search results created through an accumulation of inbound links and search engine optimization authority. Sponsored links must be paid for, but do offer a rank for a specific keyword combination. Three out of four search results are organic searches and one in four clicks on paid searches. However, positioning is very important when dealing with search engine optimization.

Jewelers should be using contextual targeting by paying to have their ads appear where online searchers are searching for their type of jewelry. When searchers are interested in a particular type of jewelry, online retail jewelers should be paying to have their well designed offerings delivered to prospects. Blogs can deliver educational information and position online jewelry retailers as industry experts. More relevant marketing messages can be sent through Twitter and presented using a Facebook account and store front. Inbound marketing can create more impact with prospective customers and do so at reduced costs as compared to traditional marketing’s outbound approaches.


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