Improved JCK Show ~ Las Vegas will remain at Sands

In direct response to industry demand, show managers of The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas have announced plans to remain at the Sands Expo & Convention Center and to introduce a series of improvements for the 2003 show and beyond.

The planned changes for The JCK Show 2003 were formally rolled out last week to The JCK Show Advisory Board- led by Rick White, President of Reed Exhibitions, JCK show producer. White’s informative presentation revealed a re-engineered floor plan to assist buyers in shopping the floor, added buyer amenities, added exhibitor amenities, and improved overall Show atmosphere.

“Our decision to stay at the Sands Expo & Convention Center and to make significant improvements to enhance the overall JCK show experience is based on customer feedback and exhaustive research,” Dave Bonaparte, vice president, The JCK Shows, said. “We are very excited about the show upgrades we have planned for 2003 and look forward to your feedback.”

The JCK Advisory Board supported the changes. “The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas is already the most vibrant Show in the country,” retailer Clayton Bromberg, of Underwood Jewelers, said. “The re-engineering of the JCK Show adds even more excitement.”

Manufacturer Ari Chitrik of Citra added, “Show management has both feet on the ground. They have the needs of the retailer on their mind and they are taking steps in the right direction.I fully support the decision to keep the Show at the Sands.”

Bonaparte also noted that people wanted to remain in the Sands. “Customer research results were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the show in one venue. We did look at other alternatives, but our research showed that the Sands Expo & Convention Center offered better opportunities for value-added amenities for our customers.”

New Initiatives for 2003, include:

A re-engineered floor plan to assist buyers in shopping the show: The first step will be to re-design the floor plan to allow better segmentation, and to make the show floor easier for buyers to find the specific products they are looking for. Plans include creating a new pavilion specifically for new exhibiting companies titled The Debut Collection. In addition, The Design Center will be moved upstairs to Level 2 -allowing the International Pavilion to be positioned in one contiguous area on one floor and creating a better alignment of similar products and ease of shopping for buyers. The Show will also introduce a Boulevard concept to the floor plan with wider show aisles to aid buyers in navigation.

Buyers will be able to find products on the show floor more efficiently through a new `color coded’ promotional campaign, which will be carried through pre-show and at-show communication. Each show feature will be coded with a vibrant color that will be seen in direct mail promotion, advertising, the Show’s web site, floor-plan, Show Guide and signage onsite, thus making it easier to shop the Show.

Added Buyer Amenities: The JCK Show conducted many studies to find out what its customers would like to see. According to research, 96% of attendees wanted more restaurants, food choices, and lounges. As a result, The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas will expand each of the existing Café & Lounge areas and add four new areas equaling an additional 20,000 square feet of restaurant and seating space, and provide better quality and a wider selection of food in 2003.

Research also showed that 81% of its customers desire concierge services, and the majority of The JCK Show buyers desire an easier way to locate exhibitors and find products. Accordingly, the 2003 Show will highlight additional Café & Lounges with concierges in each area to accommodate customers with show-related information, entertainment suggestions, city information and dining reservations.

Added Exhibitor Amenities: The recently introduced In-Booth Security program, adding ease and convenience for the exhibitor will return in 2003. The In-Booth Security program will make it easier for exhibitors to store and retrieve their valuables, by giving them better control of their inventory. Exhibitors will no longer have to take precious time away from their hectic schedules to trek across the show floor and wait in vault lines in order secure their products in the Show vaults overnight. Exhibitors will also enjoy an in-booth waiter service option to maximize selling time in their booth, Daily Show updates delivered to exhibitors’ booths each morning of the Show, and an increased number of JCK Dedicated Customer Service Specialists to service exhibitors’ needs.

Improved Overall Show Atmosphere: The Show’s atmosphere will be revitalized to be consistent with the industry. Enhancements include piped in background music in appropriate areas, revitalized show décor, fresh floral arrangements throughout the Show, and added relaxation lounges where visitors can receive manicures, massages, or simply rest.

The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas will also place special focus in 2003 on improving the electrical and air-conditioning on the show-floor. “It is important to note that The JCK Show is spending incremental dollars to install portable A/C units for 2002 and we are working diligently with the Sands Expo & Convention Center to upgrade their existing A/C in 2003 and beyond, ” Bonaparte said.

“We are fully committed to listening to our customers,” he added. “We heard you loud and clear and are so grateful for the many member’s of the industry who were gracious enough to participate in our comprehensive research. We believe these show improvements will open new markets to both exhibitors and buyers and will help set the pace for the future of our industry. The best of The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas is truly yet to come.”

For more information about The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas, please call the JCK Customer Service desk at 1-800-257-3626 or 1-203-840-5684, or visit the JCJ Show Web site at