IGI Completes First Course in Jordan

The International Gemological Institute has completed its School of Gemology’s inaugural Polished Diamond Grading Course in Jordan via the International Diamond Centre DIVA in Amman, in collaboration with COLLECTION magazine.

The eight-day course ran Nov. 10-18 and was aimed to provide Jordanian trade professionals with advanced knowledge of the Four Cs. Students will learn how to grade clarity, color, and cut of diamonds using a multitude of diamond samples as well as gemological equipment, including microscopes—preparing them to enter the diamond industry after course completion. Graduates were awarded the IGI Diploma in Polished Diamond Grading by the Ambassador of Belgium, Jo Indekeu.

“We at IGI recognize the importance of gemological education in burgeoning markets such as Jordan,” said Roland Lorié, IGI chief executive officer. “Graduates from IGI’s School of Gemology possess valuable skills that directly translate to consumer confidence—something IGI works persistently to ensure.”

For additional information on IGI’s School of Gemology in Jordan, email education@igiworldwide.com.