IDMA Joins Responsible Jewelry Council

Members of the
International Diamond Manufacturers Association voted unanimously to apply for
membership of the Responsible Jewelry Council at its President’s Meeting in
Botswana April 4.

principles and objectives are in line with IDMA’s Code of Conduct,” said
IDMA secretary-general Ronnie VanderLinden in a statement. “Therefore, as
we recognize and support the activities of the RJC, we want to be part of RJC’s
ongoing efforts.”

At the
meeting, the IDMA board also presented the newly created IDMA logo and web
site, which can be accessed at

IDMA also held
a Pitso—a Botswanan word for roundtable—to discuss issues surrounding beneficiation,
and increasing diamond manufacturing in Botswana.

gathering in Botswana because we believe a competitive diamond industry and
trade can be developed here in the future,” said IDMA president Moti Ganz.

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