IDI Launches ‘Together Works’ Marketing Program

The Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies used a press lunch at BaselWorld Friday to launch a new strategic marketing program called, “Together Works.” The campaign is aimed at demonstrating the Israeli Diamond Industry’s commitment to its international trading partners.

The ‘Together Works’ strategic marketing initiative is designed to stimulate the diamond industry in Israel and abroad, said IDI managing director Eli Avidar. The program incorporates a distinctive platform of services for the Israeli industry as well as a series of efforts worldwide to support the industry as a whole.

“The campaign is based on strengthening partnership and cooperation between our clients and our industry. We know that if we join hands and pool our strengths, we will be able to cross this bridge together and forge a new and better reality for the jewelry industry as a whole,” he said.

Avidar said the campaign includes print and online advertising in leading trade publications and Web sites. It’s based on the image of the handshake, he said, to portray the long standing relationships between Israeli diamantaires and their clients. It introduces an exclusive B2B service for Israeli Diamond Industry partners in the United States – a toll-free number 1-888-42-WORKS. The toll free number will operate 24/7 and will be the direct connection for ongoing and new clients to reach out with their immediate diamond needs. These will be uploaded in real time to IDI’s portal site, and all Israeli diamond companies with the appropriate goods will also receive text messages. This will enable the Israeli industry to provide an unparalleled and immediate response to clients’needs.

Avidar also said that IDI had launched The Israeli Diamond Industry blog through which it hopes to develop an online B2B community and create a place for the industry and media to come together to share ideas and communicate directly with Ramat Gan.

To stress the importance of opening up the industry to new technologies, the event featured a presentation by guest speaker John Peters, chief operating officer of, entitled “Harnessing Web 2.0 to Tell Your Story.”

Peters spoke about the opportunities open to the industry through the communities of Web 2.0 to differentiate and effectively market diamond and jewelry products.

“Web 2.0 is all about engaging the visitor and allowing them to have a voice online. It’s no longer about the website, it’s about the community,” Peters said. “Jewelers should note: There is a conversation going on about your company, your product. Don’t you want to be part of the conversation?”