IDI Launches Strategic Marketing Initiative

The Israeli Diamond Institute Group of Companies has launched the first stage of an ambitious strategic initiative, geared to providing significant marketing support to Israeli diamond manufacturers and exporters. The program includes the use of traditional and innovative marketing elements.

According to IDI Chairman Moti Ganz the program was created in response to the international economic crisis and its affect on the diamond industry around the world. Ganz said that IDI’s role was to lead the industry’s marketing efforts.

“We want to push forward aggressively and to introduce the Israeli industry to new and creative marketing tools. We are now launching the first stage and additional elements of the program will be announced later in the year.” Ganz said the program is designed to effectively promote the Israeli diamond industry in international markets, and that it would be greeted with enthusiasm by the Israeli industry.

Stage I of the multipronged strategic initiative includes the following elements: 

* Israeli Diamond Industry News Service – IDI will write and distribute press releases about new developments at individual diamond companies as a free service. This service will enable Israeli diamond companies to bring their news to the attention of the diamond and jewelry trade media and will serve the trade media’s ongoing need for information.

* Internet Marketing and E-Commerce – IDI will organize a series of online seminars for Israeli diamantaires to instruct them on the possibilities of Internet marketing and e-commerce. Moreover, IDI will provide free consulting services for diamantaires who wish to create or improve their websites.

* Social Network Marketing – IDI will assist diamantaires in taking advantage of the marketing opportunities of social networks on the Internet.

* Trade Show Support – IDI is expanding its Israeli Diamond Pavilions at major trade shows to include meeting space where non-exhibiting Israeli diamantaires will be able to network and meet clients.

* VIP Service to Buyers – This service enables Israeli diamond companies to offer buyers a great incentive to visit Israel. Foreign buyers will receive a free hotel stay for every day they spend on the Israel Diamond Exchange trading floor, up to a total of four nights. Accommodations are at the Sheraton City Tower Hotel adjacent to the diamond complex. This service was initiated toward the end of 2008, and has already brought dozens of foreign buyers to Israel.

 “It was clear to us that we needed to act swiftly and creatively in order to boost marketing efforts. The full program is very comprehensive and contains elements never implemented before in our industry,” said Eli Avidar, IDI managing director. “Additional stages of the program will be launched at Basel and JCK Las Vegas.”

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