IDE Re-elects Avi Paz

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) held its biennial elections for the president, board and committee yesterday. The IDE membership voted in a new board. And, by an overwhelming majority, re-elected incumbent president Avi Paz, who will serve a third and final term as head of the exchange. 

About 70% of the 2,500-plus IDE members casted their votes with Paz re-elected with a 73% majority. “I am very pleased with the vote of confidence I received today,” says Paz. “Our industry faces a multitude of challenges in the coming year and there is a lot of work waiting for the new board and myself. We will all work hard to turn these challenging times into new opportunities.”  

IDE president Avi Paz
IDE’s recently re-elected president Avi Paz. 

Michael Vaughan, WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourses) Secretary General and Executive Director, congratulated Paz on his re-election as IDE president. “On behalf of our organization, I send the WFDB’s congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Paz and his board for a successful and fruitful term in office.”

Vaughan noted that Avi Paz also presently serves as the WFDB president. “His re-election as IDE president will allow him to run for re-election as WFDB president at the next World Diamond Congress in 2010.”
Yair Sahar and Ya’akov Katan were elected vice presidents. The newly elected members of the board are: Mordechai (Moti) Fluk,  Ya’akov (Kobi) Korn, Shalom Papir, Ben Zion Sasa, Yehezkel (Hezi) Blum, Yehuda Sayag, Amotz Raz, Rafi Yerushalmi, Yehoram Harel Haimoff, Ya’akov Harun Sheli, Eli Shiri, Yishai Topel, Hagai HaLevi and Yosef Papo.