IDC Announces New Terminology Rules

The International Diamond Council
(IDC) announced this week it has released an updated version of its “IDC Rules for Grading Diamonds.”


The new rules, which outline terminology for diamonds and “synthetic” diamonds, have been updated to incorporate changes that resulted from industry-wide consultations on diamond nomenclature.


IDC Chairman Stephane Fischler said that the latest revision and its publication were necessary to amend, correct and make public a number of revisions that had been discussed and agreed by the IDC board but had not yet been in incorporated in the document.


“It is essential that we keep our focus on bringing forward shared and transparent nomenclature, based on technological and other advances in the diamond industry, with the purpose to consolidate the trust of the consumer and help to maintain a stable market for diamonds,” he said. 


The updated version of the rules allows for the diamond grading laboratories to choose between three terms: “laboratory-created,” “laboratory-grown” and “synthetic” to describe a “synthetic” diamond. By amending its reference document, the IDC has incorporated the recently published CEN Workshop Agreement on consumer confidence and diamond nomenclature.


The updated IDC Rules will be made available shortly for downloading from the IDC website