ICA to promote color in Portugal

The International Colored Gemstone Association will co-host a series of educational discussions and seminars during the Portojoia trade fair, being held in the city of OPorto from Sept. 21-25.

The ICA events are designed to increase colored gemstone perception within the local trade. Key issues will include disclosure communication from trade to consumer and the new opportunities for color offered in a crisis sector. The final event will gather the key Portuguese industry leaders in a discussion panel moderated by Rui Galopim de Carvalho, ICA Ambassador to Portugal.

Exponor, the show organizer, arranged for a display in the show’s main lobby of the artwork submitted for the Third ICA Poster Competition that had major Portuguese participation this year.

Galopim de Carvalho said this is the first time a series of gemstone educational events will be held in Portugal, a country where he says gemstone information and education is still very limited.

“This, I hope, will increase colored gemstone perception at all levels, will give fresh ideas and hope to the trade and will certainly contribute to increasing our industry’s credibility and integrity levels. This is what ICA stands for after all.”